Need Full Service Cleaning Companies Near Mount Maunganui?

HSC Cleaning has been providing cleaning services near Mount Maunganui for three years. Our roots in this community and area go much deeper. We are owner-operated, and between the two owners, we have a combined 65 years living in the Mount Maunganui area. We know the local residents and businesses and consider them our friends and neighbours. When one of our neighbours needs cleaning services in Mount Maunganui, they will get the best we have to offer.

We Can Provide all Your Mount Maunganui Cleaning Services

We are also one of the most versatile cleaners in Mount Maunganui. For instance, if you manage rental properties, we will undertake all of the cleaning services required to turn over the property to the next tenant. We will clean the carpets, polish the floors, clean the ceilings, wash the windows and scrub the kitchen and bathrooms. We will even clean the oven! You no longer need to hire multiple cleaning companies to get that property back on the market or into the hands of a waiting tenant.

We pride ourselves on “a good job done quickly.” We will communicate with the homeowner or property manager to make sure the job is done right and completely. We can even suggest a schedule for cleaning based on your individual needs.

We are the cleaner in Mount Maunganui to call if you have hard floors. We specialise in getting those floors clean and shining brightly. Many vinyl floors accumulate a build-up that makes them look dull. We love to strip and seal vinyl floors to remove that dull layer, and the sealer then provides a layer of protection to keep them looking like new.

We have the ability to provide a quick response time to handle urgent jobs. If you find yourself in a situation that requires these types of cleaning services in Mount Maunganui, give us a call. You may find yourself in the situation where a tenant left a property unexpectedly and it requires a total cleaning. You may have had a spill at your business or a leaky roof. We have the equipment and the experience to provide those cleaning services quickly.

Most cleaning companies in Mount Maunganui do not have the equipment to clean and scrub the concrete in the outdoor areas of your home or business. We do. You have obviously spent a great deal of money on that terrific outdoor entertainment area, and it would be a shame to spoil the effect with dirty stained concrete. We can even offer you a non-slip surface coating that not only looks great but adds to the safety of the floor for your guests and employees.

Have Your Neighbour Provide Your Cleaning Services in Mount Maunganui

You can now see why you should contact HSC Cleaning for all of your Mount Maunganui cleaning services. Rather than dealing with multiple cleaning companies, each providing only some of the cleaning services you require, call on your friendly, reliable cleaner in Mount Maunganui, who also happens to be your long time neighbour. You will be glad you did.

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