Office Cleaning Made Easy

When you care about your business, you go out of your way to make sure that it’s always running smoothly. This means you probably put all kinds of energy into your payroll, human resources, and other departments. Here’s a question for you though …read more.

Need a End of Lease Clean?

If you’re looking forward to getting out of your apartment, you probably want to make sure that you get the bond back when you move out. Many people in the Tauranga area count on bond money to help secure their next rental, but if there’s anything …read more.

When You Need Full Service Cleaning, Call HSC Cleaning!

HSC Cleaning has been providing cleaning services near Mount Maunganui for three years. Our roots in this community and area go much deeper. We are owner-operated, and between the two owners, we have a combined 65 years living in the Mount Maunganui …read more.

We Provide the Best Cleaning Services

There are several important considerations when choosing cleaning companies in Tauranga. First, you want to make sure that they are reliable and will show up on time a do a thorough job. Secondly, you may ask yourself whether your home or office is …read more.

Do You Need Cleaning Services?

When it comes to commercial cleaning, there’s no doubt that it can be a somewhat more challenging task than cleaning a home. Firstly, people generally take care of their homes and take pride in the place where they live. Perhaps they have a big …read more.

HSC Cleaning is Your Cleaning Specialist

We are owner-operated and have had ties to the Tauranga area for a total of 65 years. We are a full-service cleaning company that specialises in hard …read more.

Quality Cleaners Take Care

Anybody who ever said that spring cleaning was fun simply hasn’t done enough of it. If things have been piling up or collecting in your house, you probably aren’t looking forward to the task of making everything shine and sparkle again—that’s a fantasy …read more.

Spotless Cleaning with HSC Cleaning

Tauranga is a beautiful area, and you probably want to make sure that your residence there is always in good condition. Despite your best efforts though, sometimes things can get out of control. Even the most organised people occasionally …read more.

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